Glass Beads Pearl Round 8mm Gainsboro
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grey pearl beads, glass pearl grey beads

Glass Pearl Beads. Environmental Dyed. Covered in layers of strong and smooth pearlescent to create a flawless. Round. Gainsboro. Cotton Thread.


Glass beads are very popular for beading projects. Glass pearls one of the favorite for beaders. Pearl beads are shine, gorgeous and elegant, and same time can be fancy. Pearl beads perfect for bracelets, necklaces and other beading designs. Ideas never end for designes with glass pearls .


Colour: Gainsboro (Colour of pearls may slightly vary from computer),

Size: 8 mm, hole about 1mm

Lead Free

1strand/pack (about 52pcs/strand)

What's in the box

1x1strand/pack (about 52pcs/strand)