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Malachite Green Synthetic Imitation Crystal Gemstone Beads 8mm Round DIY Jewellery Bracelet Making Stock Malaysia
Price RM6.00 RM10.00
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Synthetic (man-made) Imitation Crystal Gemstone Beads. Malachite. Round. 
Colour: Green with black lines (Colour of beads may slightly vary from computer),
Size: 8mm diameter
1strand/pack (about 48 beads)


Please note: Dear Customer please noted this is NOT natural Malachite stone. Many sellers label their jewellery or crystals as 'natural', when in fact they are offering synthetic Malachite. Real Malachite is not cheap. The colours in real Malachite are all shades of green, from soft, light and pale greens to very dark greens. Another way to tell real Malachite is that it is a heavy crystal due to it's high copper content, heavier than glass and cold to the touch. Please be aware if you looking for Natural Malachite Stone!!