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60pcs Crimp Beads Cover 4mm Rhodium DIY Jewellery Making End Tips Stopper Beads Malaysia Stock
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Iron Crimp Beads Cover Spacer Beads. 4mm.

Crimp covers are used to conceal the crimp beads you use in treasured jewellery designs. They not only hide the tubes, but they also prevent your jewelry piece from snagging on clothing and create an overall professional look. 

Crimp covers are open on one side allowing them to slip over the crimp tube. Leave a small amount of slack between the crimp tube and the clasp so that the crimp cover can fit nicely over the crimp tube without interfering with the clasp or jump ring. You may need to use chain nose pliers to open the crimp cover.
Size: 4mm, about 1mm thick

Colour: Platinum / Rhodium