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Tiger Tail Wire 0.45mm Gold Beading Wire Cord 30 meters DIY Bracelet Ship from Malaysia
Price RM3.60 RM4.00
Product SKU CSS-TTW0.45-Gold25

Tiger Tail Wire. Nylon-coated Stainless Steel. Gold.

Tiger Tail Wire is often used in beaded jewellery to string heavy or sharp beads. It is usually most useful for projects with gemstones. The wire threads are made of Stainless Steel under a nylon coating. To end the project with Tiger Tail, you should use Crimp Beads since Tiger Tail Wires cannot be tied to knot similarly to other threads. As well, the Wire Guardian will protect the wire from folding and snapping.

Crimp Beads are also used as spacers between other beads strung on the Tiger Tail Wire.

Colour: Gold
Size: about 0.45 mm thick
1 Roll/pack (about 30m)

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