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Mickey Mouse Acrylic Beads Transparent DIY Kids Jewellery Making Loose Beads Choose your Set
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Mickey Mouse Acrylic Beads are colourful and light.
Perfect for bracelets, necklaces and other beading designs especially for Kids DIY.
Use acrylic beads to create fun activity for Birthday party.
Mickey Mouse Beads .
Acrylic Beads. Transparent. Cracked Style.
Size: 45x40 mm, hole about 1.5-2mm
Colour: Red OR Pink (No mix and match)
2 pcs per pack
Round 12mm
Acrylic Beads. Transparent.
Size: 12mm, hole about 1.5-2mm
Colour: Red OR Pink (No mix and match)
15 pcs per pack

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